Flying High!

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly high over the mountain tops , where all the mountains glisten with snow, the wind whistles around the glider cabin, and cross country skiers look like little tiny specks on the mountains? Well after years of visiting Mount Beauty and dreaming of trialling gliding as a recreational pursuit , we had a go and it was even better than anticipated. Mount Beauty has a gliding club run be experienced aviators , with a passion for flying. I thought I would be terrified , however their expertise and passion for what they do , settled all nerves instantly. The gliders have twin cabins enabling the ‘experts’ to navigate the gliding craft, with the passengers sitting to the front of the cabin , taking in the most amazing mountain views. The view from the top is hard to explain but certainly breathtaking , particularly if you score a magical sunny day-as we did. I certainly encourage visitors to Mount Beauty, to trial this activity . I think you will be surprised at how economical the activity is @ $120 for 20 minutes of gliding. I have been advised that a payment of $150 caps the flight , enabling participants to fly for an extended period (up to 1 hour.) What a perfect birthday gift idea for that someone special, a lasting memory. Check out the photos and the contact details for The Mount Beauty Gliding club. I understand you can also book online . Vicky and Jeff Pentney.

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