The heart of the gourmet trail

When on holidays I like to spoil myself with a few gourmet treats including; good food, coffee and my all-time favourite ice cream. Mount Beauty is in the heart of the gourmet trail , where local produce is readily available from the local Mount Beauty supermarket, cafés and restaurants. If you love ice cream as much as I do, I can highly recommend Gundowring ice cream, locally made in the Kiewa Valley. This ice cream is available in the local supermarket and also at Svarmisk café . You won’t be disappointed, the flavours are amazing and the texture superb, and just a little addictive.

Svarmitz is my other treasured place to visit in Mount Beauty where I am always guaranteed a smile from the lovely girls in attendance and a really fabulous cup of coffee. Coffee is my other favourite indulgence so I have spent some time shopping around the region for the best coffee on offer. Svarmisk staff use Illy coffee and generally make a fabulous cup of coffee. They are also known for their unique brunch and lunch menus served with local produce and North East wines. They are only open Wednesday- Sunday.

My husband and I often take time out from cooking when on holidays to indulge ourselves with an evening meal out. Stockpot in Mount Beauty has never disappointed me or wavered in their delivery of a menu aligned with top Melbourne eateries. You will find a mixture of fresh seafood; calamari is my favourite dish, or venison and local produced beef. Their service is friendly and prompt and their prices not exorbitant. Make sure you book to avoid being disappointed and missing out.

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