The best view comes after the hardest climb

Climbing the majestic Mount Bogong is definitely one of life's challenges which needs to be conquered when visiting the Alpine National Park. This climb is not for the faint hearted and requires a robust level of fitness and a healthy level of determination to take on this relentless ascending Staircase Spur Trail. This walk has been on my bucket list for many years, and finally on one of Melbourne's hottest ( 38c) days of the year I can now celebrate the achievement of climbing the highest mountain in Victorian, which proudly stands 1986 meters above sea level..

Armed with walking buddies, 3 liters of water, gaiters to ward off snakes, and high energy snacks we took on on the 16-20 km thigh burning staircase to the summit. Half way along the trail the Bivouac Hut nestled in the snow gums, provides welcome respite, to fill-up water bottles and to escape the intense heat. In all honesty I anticipated cooler weather as we approached the summit, however this was not the case. I would recommend hiking this mountain in cooler weather. as the exposed treeless plains of the summit provide little relief from the heat. The path from Bivouac Hut to the summit is steep and rocky and potentially the most challenging part of the walk. Once you take your mind off your burning calves and thighs, the views are breathtaking and the wild flowers amazing. Descending the mountain was a much quicker exercise and was motivated by a desire to shed our walking boots and submerge our aching bodies in the lux pool at Montanya.

So now when I look at Mount Bogong from the balcony of Montanya, I can say " I conquered you, you BEAST of a mountain"

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